Why We Should Get the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

The Amazon Fire TV and 4K TV stick stick Fire are among the most popular players streaming there. They are great because of their ease of use, excellent search functionality, integration and Alexa plethora of streaming applications.
For this review, I purchased the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. The stick 4K can display a higher resolution (ie, not only HD, but 4K resolution), and 4K distance has the TV volume, mute and power commands.

Since there is a difference of $ 10 between the stick and the 4K steady stick, I recommend the stick of fire 4K even if you do not have a TV 4K. Get the power and the remote volume controls is a $ 10 value only. The stick 4K also has a more powerful processor and faster. And if you upgrade your TV 4K, you’ll be all set.

What you get
The Amazon Fire TV Memory Stick comes with a surprising amount of things: remote control with batteries, AC adapter and USB cable, HDMI extension cable short and quick start guide allows you to mount the stick behind your TV easier .

stick installation on your TV is pretty simple with a few caveats. First, Amazon recommends using the HDMI extender for optimal wireless performance. If you can connect your drive directly to the side of your TV, and it works fine (as it did with mine ), leave it. Otherwise, plug the stick in the extension and plug the extension cord to your TV.

In order, Amazon recommends using the supplied AC adapter rather than connecting the USB cable to your TV for power. In addition to being a better source of quality power, the power adapter allows Memory Stick TV for updates to firmware fire when the TV is off.

I went with a recommendation from Amazon and plugged the stick into a power strip.

Fire TV Stick it plugged into the side of my TV with USB power from a power strip.
Note that the USB port on the Fire Stick can not be used for power. You can not, for example, connect a hard drive up and expect to read the contents of the drive as you can with Roku.
When you will turned on the TV and selected the correct HDMI input,you can see the fire was operational. Using the arrow keys, then chose English as the language, then found my Wi-Fi network and entered my WiFi password using the letter selector. This part is heavy, but common to all decoders when using Wi-Fi and is inevitable.

Why We Should Get the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

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