Save Money and Get Everything

Save Money and Get Everything

Posted on June 19, 2019
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If you are paying too much for cable tv and are not happy with the service please call 310-462-2604 and let me explain to you about IPTV and answer any questions you might have.

When you have cable tv you pay a lot of money and get them same old movies over and over and will find yourself flipping through channels or waiting for every wednesday or any other day of week to watch episode of tv show with commercials.

When you have IPTV you are the boss asit  is interactive and does not control you.

You get everything so you wont have enough time  to watch everything.

Everyone loves iptv and end up bringing their friends and relatives.

We give a money back guarantee so you pay for 1month service and cost of box and if not happy return box in same state we gave to you and we will refund you cost of box so all it cost was $15 for trying.

I think the main reason why people like it is because you can watch everything at any given time or place i even took mine to puerto vallarta mexico and New Delhi India.

Also everything is included like PPV Sports 4300 tv channels from around the world and new and old movies and tvshows live and recorded.

It also records ufc and boxing and with vader streams sports server has tv catchup.

It has a adult password so your kids wont watch unless you let them.

I will help you find the right box for you and then the right server as everyone is different.

All i need to know is what do you like to watch and how many tvs on and your budget.

You can visit our store for a live demo anytime during store hours.

When it comes to choosing the right box or server no choice is wrong as after first month we can make adjustments but after  one moth you own the box.

We sell different servers for sports latino # of tvs in the house.

Iptv is Affordable and gives you Everything i wish i knew about it 20 years ago.

All you need is internet faster the bellter and Spectrum is best with 300mbps and frontier #2 just stay away from att and try to wire your boxes as wifi slows your signal further away you are.

People love iptv so much that they start telling all their friends and relatives about it and we will reward  you with  one month of free service for every friend who signs up or if you get multiple boxes.

I have two customers who have seven boxes each right now and i cant wait till i get home to watch my bollywood movies and sports.

Save Money and Get Everything

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